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Academic and Career Success Is Not A Secret!

​​Our services are designed to introduce and present a unique multi-day program targeted to high school and college students as well as young Career Professionals. It is for the savvy family / individual who is willing to make a significant investment in a valuable and comprehensive program that will augment the college planning and guidance efforts they may currently be engaged in.

​Unlike other college programs and services, we will partner with your child, or you, over time. This program will maximize your tuition dollars and assure return on investment.
Come engage in this unique, comprehensive program that helps best position your child, or you, for college and life success - from field of study selection through laying the foundation for high workplace achievement.
The program we will include:
  • Use of proven assessments to help identify skills & preferences
  • Exploring how this assessment data can be linked to a field of study selection, career choice and self management
  • Discussion of Life / School / Work success criteria - How you can better Self Manage
  • Laying the foundation for effectively transitioning to the workplace by gaining competency and confidence with the career search process (experience, resume, references, networking, interviewing, planning, managing and evaluating your search) and enable your child to take the reins and manage their own career
​We offer multi-day trainings as well as on-going coaching and support.
This program is about efficiency, return on investment, matching pursuits to skills and abilities, and skill building.
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