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Robert Jones

My background is in career management. I have counseled, coached and advised individuals of all age groups and diverse socio- economically disadvantaged and corporate backgrounds. I also have extensive experience in working with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller firms focusing on consulting in career resiliency and management. My aim is to help individuals keep the proper mindset so they can make it through the rough times in business and life.

Focusing On Results, Not Activity


PUSH with Jones seeks to work closely with community partners, families, students, and faculty to support them in their career, academic and personal development. We offer career management services and resources to assist in clarifying their interests, needs, aptitudes, and capabilities when making life decisions, career, and educational plans - high school through post graduate school.


Our services can be used to:
  • Create and monitor user goals, providing opportunities for further enrichment to reach their greatest potential.
  • Provide opportunities to coordinate and conduct socialization and culture building activities, participation and collaboration with parents, community based organizations, and business partners.
  • Establish strong commitment and collaboration with parents to ensure student success
  • Coordinate on-going activities and activities to assist students with high stakes standardized tests.
  • Assist students with research and selection of educational or career planning initiatives and college processes.
  • Create, monitor and update electronic portfolios
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