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Strong 10 in NPN - Repeat

​​​​​​​​Sponsor ten (10) people at the Gold Level. (no time frame – this may be done in 

  conjunction with the other 3 options)​
Work collectively with those ten to get their 10 people to sponsor at the Gold      

• Once all ten have sponsored 10 others also, open another subscription with

  Global NPN and re-enroll with the same 10 people.​
• Now you are receiving residual income from 20 subscriptions while paying the

  monthly subscription twice. ​

            $100 x 10=$1,000 less one $147 monthly subscription=$853 profit​
            $100 x 20=$2,000 less two $147 monthly subscriptions=$1,748 profit​
            $100 x 30=$3,000 less three $147 monthly subscriptions=$2,559 profit​

            $100 x 100 =$10,000 less ten $147 monthly subscriptions=$8,530 profit

• If you have a strong sponsor base of ten, you may do this as often as you like. So

  instead of sponsoring an additional 20 or 30 or 40 you can buy additional

  subscriptions and have “the strong 10” follow your lead.​

*Note – you may have as many Global NPN subscriptions as you like – 1, 10, 20

              …..or more!!


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